Single Family Household $200 per year

Senior 65 and older $100

Business (Contact CPLC Patrol for sponsorship opportunities)

Quarterly payments are available ($55 Single Family / $30 Senior)  Or BI-Annual ($105 Single Family / $55 Senior)  and include a $5 per payment surcharge to cover administration.  If you wish to make payments please make a note of it in the comments section of the subscription form.  

Multi Family - Contact CPLCpatrol@gmail.com to get a custom quote.  

Condo and apt. pricing will be based on number of units and assume support of the HOA or Property Owner / Managment:

1-10 = $500; 11-20 = $900; 21-40 = $1,600; 40+ = $2,000 

Townhomes as defined as having a separate ground level entrance:
$200 single family ($100 Senior)

If HOA subscribes $150/townhome with $2,400 cap.  

For check payments, please mail to:

CPLC Patrol, Inc.  

​245 N. Highland Ave, Suite 230-294

Atlanta, GA 30307 

Pay Now with PayPal.   If you wish to make quarterly or bi annual payments, see "fee schedule" below.  

To subscribe please fill out the following form and use PayPal links to the right to pay in full.  If paying by check or if you wish to make quarterly or bi-annual payments, please reference "Fee Schedule".   

Senior 65 and Older

CPLC Patrol, Inc.

Single Family Residence 

Checks should be made out to 

CPLC Patrol, Inc.