CPLC Patrol, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Patrol?
A:  The Candler Park-Lake Claire Patrol is a neighborhood-run, non-profit organization that supplements customary policing by the Atlanta Police Department with more neighborhood specific patrolling staffed by off-duty APD officers.

Q:  Can I call the Patrol when I see a criminal act in progress or suspicious activity?
A:  You should call 911 upon seeing any criminal act or suspicious activity.  
The Patrol works most efficiently when calls go directly to 911.  Our Patrol officers stay well apprised of dispatches to 911.  

Q:  Who does the patrolling?
A:  We only use Atlanta Police Department officers during their off-duty hours, selected by the Coordinating officer with the needs of the neighborhood in mind.

Q:  How are they paid?
A:  Your dues or sponsorships pay the officers for their time and expertise.  Dues and sponsorships also go toward the remainder of the costs of the Patrol such as the car, insurance, fuel and maintenance/repairs.

Q:  What can a business do to support Patrol?
A:  Businesses are encouraged to be Sponsors of the Patrol, and in return, we publicly recognize all supporting businesses through our various marketing platforms (website, membership newsletter, event signage, etc.).  One way that restaurants can support the Patrol is to host “Night Out-Crime Out” events, where a fixed percentage of the proceeds of the event are donated to the Patrol.

Q:  When and where in the neighborhood are the patrols conducted?

A:  The number of patrol hours is DIRECTLY related to how many members join and thus how much patrolling we can afford.  Patrol times and locations are not rigidly scheduled but are instead devised by the Coordinating officer based on the latest crime stats and trends.  As you can imagine, posting patrol hours would increase the likelihood that the criminal element is able to survey the neighborhood without fear of detection.

Q:  Can I get specific patrolling of my home when I am on away on vacation or business travel?
A:  Yes, hit the Vacation Patrol link at the top of the Patrol website and complete the request form.  The Patrol Board will inform the Patrol Coordinator to arrange for a patrol check on your single family home.  This benefit is available only for members in good standing.

Q:  Will I get a sign to show I am a supporter of Patrol?
A:  Yes, once your dues are paid, you will receive a sign for your yard.  This not only indicates that your household supports the Patrol but helps spread the word to prospective members and criminals that CPLC neighborhood takes its safety seriously.  You are welcome to display the sign so long as you are a member in good standing.

Q:  What if I think more Patrol hours are needed?
A:  Reach out to your neighbors and friends throughout CPLC and encourage them to join the patrol.  The more members we have, the more patrol hours we can fund.

Q:  I live in a complex (apartments/townhome/condo/co-housing).  How can we get a patrol?
A:  The Board will work with managers of the complex on a patrolling and pricing plan for the complex.  Encourage the manager/owner/HOA board to contact the Patrol directly to discuss this.

Q:  I am in business in the community.  Can we get a patrol?
A:  The Board is pleased to discuss business participation with you directly.  Contact the Patrol at cplcpatrol@gmail.com to discuss.

Q:  Won’t the Police just stop patrolling our neighborhoods if we have a private patrol?
A:  The Atlanta Police Department will continue to patrol our neighborhood.  Given their resources, the reality is that APD cannot patrol as well without supplemental help as they can with a neighborhood patrol assisting them.  Since the Patrol has access to 911 calls, this means more enforcement for our neighborhoods.

Q:  Are the patrol personnel armed?  Well-trained?
A:  Each patrol person is an Atlanta Police officer, and as such, they are armed, have the power to make arrests and are trained just as any other police officer is.

Q:  Do the patrol officers know what else the Police know about safety in these neighborhoods?
A:  Yes, since all our patrol officers are also APD Officers, they have access to reports, dispatch information and officers on our beat.

Q:  How is the Patrol governed?
A:  The Patrol is governed by your neighbors, who serve voluntarily as Board of Directors of an independent 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation. 

Q:  Are we the only Patrol in this part of Atlanta?
A:  Actually, Inman Park, Druid Hills and Kirkwood all have patrols, so we are surrounded by neighborhoods with patrols.

Q:  Are my dues tax-deductible?
A:  No.  Since the Patrol is a service of value to its members, and because of the nature of 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, your dues payments are not tax-deductible.

Thank you for your concern for our neighborhood’s security and well-being.