who we are

CPLC Patrol, Inc.

At its core, the CPLC Patrol is for the betterment of our neighborhoods including improving our quality of life in one of Atlanta’s most walkable and neighborly communities. The Patrol covers the Candler Park and Lake Claire neighborhoods, which also make up the entirety of the Atlanta Police Department’s Beat 608. Our Patrol officers, select off-duty men and women of the APD, conduct their patrols in the marked CPLC Patrol car.  This service supplements the protection provided by our dedicated Beat Officer and provides an added measure of policing the City cannot provide.

CPLC Patrol also is a partner with our neighborhood safety efforts and a supporter of the Neighborhood Watch.  We work to advocate for safety awareness and are a strong voice for "If you see something say something" and The Clean Car Campaign in conjunction with APD.  

The CPLC Patrol is a 501(c)(4) non-profit, which is tax-exempt but not tax-deductible. The CPLC Patrol is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors of seven of your neighbors dedicated to making our neighborhoods as safe as possible. Members of the Board are subject to two-year term limits per office served.

In terms of oversight over Patrol staffing, the Board works closely with a senior APD officer within APD who works tirelessly as our CPLC Patrol Coordinator.  The Coordinator selects and manages the officers who staff the Patrol, while also making use of the weekly crime stats and trends to arrange the patrol movements in a responsive manner. Accordingly, timing and physical movements of the CPLC patrols will vary as needed to most effectively deter or catch criminal behavior.

Remember, the CPLC Patrol is not a surrogate for or outsourcing of service officially provided by the Atlanta Police Department. The Patrol supplements the APD’s regular police coverage. ALWAYS CALL 911 FIRST if you see something suspicious or to report a crime.  

​The CPLC Patrol provides policing to fill the gap in police presence from the City of Atlanta. The reality is, the City of Atlanta does not provide manpower or funds to adequately protect our neighborhoods. Many of our surrounding neighborhoods (e.g. Inman Park, Virginia Highland, Druid Hills, Kirkwood, Edgewood, East Lake, Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown, Old Fourth Ward, Grant Park, East Atlanta, Morningside) have realized the need for supplementing policing via neighborhood security patrols. While a security patrol can never stop all crime, it does provide a visible deterrent and results in a measurable decrease in criminal activity.

The Patrol proactively fights crime, by helping to prevent crime.

Our off-duty APD officers are in full uniform, in a highly visible vehicle, have the power to make arrests, and are in direct communication with 911.

The Patrol creates a link between the police and our communities.

The Patrol supplements our neighborhood Watch program. Together these two initiatives provide the most comprehensive security for our neighborhoods.

Members of CPLC Patrol are provided with phone number for patrolling officers and may contact the patrolling officers directly while they are on shift.

Members of CPLC Patrol may request Vacation Patrol, whereby an officer will monitor your home while you are away (single family homes only).​